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Being aware of your competition is a good business strategy. Comparing yourself to your competition is dangerous. Awareness means you have conducted the proper research in your particular industry and know where you stand as it relates to product/service value, branding, delivery, and pricing. While comparison means you are attempting to determine your worth based on someone else's standards and experiences, hence the danger!

It is dangerous to compare yourself to someone else because you are uniquely designed to be uniquely YOU! And the hard TRUTH: you can NEVER be anyone but yourself. You can attempt to copy and imitate, but the result will be disastrous because that's not how this game works. And besides, it’s a game you should NOT even attempt to play, and here are a few reasons why:

1. Derail Your Progress:

Comparisons keep you off track because instead of focusing on your path, you are too busy giving your energy to someone else&