• The Creative Architect


I pride myself on being an eternal optimist. I sincerely believe that everything always works itself out and that the best is just right around the corner. So you can only imagine how much I detest pessimistic people. Whew Lawd…the negative attitude, low vibe conversation, and lack of motivation are enough to drive me crazy. Yet truth be told…those are not even the most dangerous effects of dwelling with pessimistic people.

One of the best things you can do for your growth and development is to surround yourself with like-minded and high vibe personable people. The reason this needs to be part of your strategic development is that your circle eventually becomes a direct reflection of your net worth. And let me put it bluntly…if your circle consists of a bunch of broke folks…you are in danger of becoming and/or staying broke too. In other words…mama got it right when she said…"birds of a feather flock together."

This brings me back to the topic at hand: Dwelling with pessimistic people is dangerous for the following reasons: