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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I used to hate the quote, "we are all given the same amount of hours in the day," because deep down I knew I was a habitual procrastinator, and hearing the truth irritated my spirit. Yet, as I continue to work on myself I have come to realize that HOW I spend my time is the difference between being productive and accomplished versus overwhelmed and frustrated. I was only able to do this when I shifted my perspective about time. Time used to be hours and minutes on a clock or indicators for certain appointments. Now time is my most valuable asset and limited resource, hence why it so precious. This shift in perspective made me plan and execute my day in a completely new way.

The first thing I learned to do was to list my REAL priorities. I emphasize the word REAL because somehow we are not clear of the true definition of the word priority, which means "most important." By definition alone, that means everything cannot be a priority. My REAL priorities are my spiritual development, my son/family, my education (this is not just school), and then my business. I received this revelation while reading a book by Steve Harvey. With clear priorities, I was then able to categorize my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Now I had a clear overview of what needed to be done and a semi timeline of when to do them. Finally, I was at the HOW. How was I going to check everything off my list?

Step 1: I accepted "the list" as never-ending and removed the guilt of not completing it in a day.

We all have crazy running lists of personal/professional tasks and errands. While having a list is a "good" idea, thinking you can and need to accomplish everything on it everyday is damaging to the spirit, and here's why…You are judging yourself and even worse punishing yourself for not being able to accomplish the impossible. By removing the guilt, you immediately give space for appreciation of what you did do instead of what you did not do.

Step 2: I learned and applied the strategy of BATCHING.

Batching is simply the process of grouping alike tasks and/or projects and dedicating time to complete them. Ironically, batching was always something I've done instinctively (I think in steps), yet by studying the technique in-depth I learned some new tactics to implement to make me more efficient. The reason batching works is because it sends you into hyper-focus because you eliminate random distractions hence increasing your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Step 3: I learned to schedule everything in my calendar.

Yes, I have a running tasks list and a paper planner, but carving out time to complete my priorities helped me shape and even more importantly, adhere to my boundaries. Scheduling the time removes the option for me to plan something random, which will only take me off course and/or allow someone else to request that specific time block.

Step 4: I learned multitasking is the BS.

The quickest path to success is NOT trying to do 999 things at one time. It is FOCUSING on the task right in front of you. Focus gives structure, creates a flow, increases progress, and makes you more effective. You also decrease your mistakes because you have fewer distractions.

After I stopped being "sensitive" about being told I had "the same hours in the day as everyone else," I was able to create a strategy and put it into action. I was able to see where I was wasting time, why I felt so exhausted, and how unproductive I truly was. As I learned HOW to structure my time, I also began valuing my time. Valuing my time led to appreciating my time and only giving it to those who were worthy of receiving it.

If you feel like you are on the hamster wheel of "busy," then feel free to schedule a FREE Creative Conversation with me to figure out steps you can take right now to get you off and gain control of your days.


I’m Kandis Troutman, The Creative Architect. I'm a mother, teacher, and spiritual seeker focused on purpose walking and serving others. I help women activate their God-given power so they can transform their purpose into a prosperous business.

Thanks for reading my post. I try to publish new posts weekly, but I believe in leaving room for God, which means there are no guarantees. But check in often and let me know what content awakens your spirit and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences.

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