• The Creative Architect


I get told all the time…."damn you kinda funny about your time." The first time I heard this was from men who were interested in dating me. Then I started hearing this from potential clients, that never commit to paying an invoice. I can't lie..the first time I heard it, I felt terrible. I even journaled to figure out if I was doing something wrong. But when I started hearing this from people that wanted to pick my brain without paying, I quickly understood I was in total alignment. Yet, I wasn't always this way. I used to let anybody and everybody have constant access to my time, energy, mind, and sadly even my money.

So then what changed? I woke up one day and realized I was exhausted with other people's emotional baggage. I realized my schedule was full of crap I had no real interest in. I realized I was giving information away to people who were never going to implement it because they weren't invested. I realized that my bank account was empty because I was surrounded by takers.

The revelation was that I HAD NO BOUNDARIES. A lack of boundaries made me dread my only life. And the biggest revelation….I was existing instead of living. So I decided to change. I sat down and came up with a plan. And while the planning was technically easy, I knew my area of struggle was going to come when I had to implement