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I was recently asked, "if you can only give one piece of advice for a new entrepreneur, what would it be? It only took me a few seconds to respond, "FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS.

And of course, the conversation continued and now I'll share it with you. One of the most dangerous things an entrepreneur can do is to become attached to their desired outcomes. Outcomes/goals are only one segment, while entrepreneurship is a journey. A journey that will require time, dedication, patience, humility, curiosity, and bravery.

Starting, building, and elevating a business will never be a quick and straight path, nor should it be. When you rush into and/or achieve success too quickly you run the risk of missing imperative steps and lessons. Take it from someone who has skipped several steps and here's what I learned. Those "skipped steps" had to be repeated. That repeating of steps cost me more time, money, and energy than it would have if I had taken my time and done it the right way in the beginning.