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I was recently asked, "if you can only give one piece of advice for a new entrepreneur, what would it be? It only took me a few seconds to respond, "FALL IN LOVE WITH THE PROCESS.

And of course, the conversation continued and now I'll share it with you. One of the most dangerous things an entrepreneur can do is to become attached to their desired outcomes. Outcomes/goals are only one segment, while entrepreneurship is a journey. A journey that will require time, dedication, patience, humility, curiosity, and bravery.

Starting, building, and elevating a business will never be a quick and straight path, nor should it be. When you rush into and/or achieve success too quickly you run the risk of missing imperative steps and lessons. Take it from someone who has skipped several steps and here's what I learned. Those "skipped steps" had to be repeated. That repeating of steps cost me more time, money, and energy than it would have if I had taken my time and done it the right way in the beginning.

Entrepreneurship is not a straight path because that would mean it's easy, boring, and ordinary. Along this journey, you will experience detours, curves, roadblocks, mountains, and YES, there will be valleys. Yet, each one will bring a new experience, new relationships, and new opportunities. And it's the thought of the new that will keep you waking up every day ready to tackle whatever the day brings you. Hence why it is imperative to fall in love with the process instead of the outcomes.

Don't get me wrong, I love hitting my goals because who doesn't love seeing their vision manifested into tangible results. But here's something the gurus won't tell you. I didn’t' hit my goals…until I learned to truly let go and stopped attaching my value and self-worth to what I did or did not accomplish. I let go of the outcome and focused on my personal and professional development and then my outcomes starting matching my desires. Why? Because I was finally in alignment with my divine assignment, otherwise known as purpose. And the more aligned I became, the more clarity I gained. I no longer had to guess my next step because I instinctively knew what I should do next.

When you fall in love with the process of learning, you grow. When you fall in love with potential, you increase your productivity. And when you fall in love with each season, you can collapse time. The process is NOT GOING ANYWHERE. You cannot rush, nor force it to bend towards your desires. You can, however, become content with being a student, learning the best strategies, and building a community that values your products/services.

And so what advice would I give a new entrepreneur? I guess I would ask a question. Are you attached to what you think/hope it will be, or the possibilities? Because one is final and the other is unlimited.


I’m Kandis Troutman, The Creative Architect. I'm a mother, teacher, and spiritual seeker focused on purpose walking and serving others. I help women activate their God-given power so they can transform their purpose into a prosperous business.

Thanks for reading my post. I try to publish new posts weekly, but I believe in leaving room for God, which means there are no guarantees. But check in often and let me know what content awakens your spirit and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d appreciate it if you would like, comment, and/or share it on your social media. A sincere THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Don’t allow your life to become what you should have done or what you wish you could have accomplished. Instead, step into the greatness that is your destiny and start creating, building, and elevating the life of your dreams.

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