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“The people will perish for lack of vision,”- The Bible

Read that sentence again. PERISH…. Meaning to pass away

or disappear. WOW!

Why would God make such a bold statement? Because God has

given each of us a VISION for our life that is directly connected to the

purpose, He has predestined for us. The vision is planted as a seed because as

we grow so does the vision. As we enhance our education, develop our spiritual

maturity, and increase our income, small pieces (next steps) of the VISION are


Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand that their

VISION is not just about their business. The business is just a path. The business

is about being of service. The business is how you share your talents, skills,

and gifts with the world. The business is a piece of the puzzle, not the

completed masterpiece.

True entrepreneurship requires a VISION that exceeds what

you’ve seen in your past. It requires a VISION that is beyond your experiences.

It requires the ability to SEE what the mind considers impossible. It requires

not being held hostage by feelings, because they are temporary. It requires a

VISION that lights a fire not just under your ass, but deep in your soul!

VISION will provide the following during your

entrepreneurial journey:

1. Pull and Push: Your VISION will

pull you out of your comfort zone and push into unfamiliar territories. Most of

the time you won’t like it, because let’s be honest when has being pulled and

pushed every felt good? I will even go a step further and tell you the pulling

and pushing is going to cause some pain. But don’t worry, God does not waste.

The pain you experience will be used in your destiny. The pain is to increase

your compassion and strengthen your humility.

2. Alignment with Your Assignment: As previously stated,

your VISION in its completion will produce a masterpiece. However, until

completed it is random pieces of a puzzle that come into your life at different

seasons. Each piece of this massive puzzle is an individual assignment.

Completing your assignments will require you to stay in alignment. Alignment is

about working from the inside out, making moves from the heart, and being intentional

about who and how you serve.

3. Focus & Blinders: Having a VISION is easy but

transforming it into reality…that’s what separates the “dreamers” for the

doers. As you begin the process of walking out your VISION, you will encounter

a ridiculous of amount distractions. Distractions come in two forms: people and

circumstances. These distractions, if you are not focused on the bigger

picture, will give you an out, otherwise known as an excuse. However, your

VISION will give a focal point and allow you to put up blinders to the

insignificant instead of allowing distractions to hinder your progress. VISION will

keep you moving forward because you can SEE where you are going.

So again, why is not having a VISION so dangerous and detrimental to your success as an entrepreneur? Because without VISION you end up wandering around repeating the same things that produce limited or no real results. Because without VISION you waste time worrying about issues instead of using that energy to create innovative solutions. Because without VISION you’ll mess around and allow people to play the wrong positions in your life and stay way past their expiration date. Because without VISION, when the circumstance gets hard, you’ll throw in the towel too early and mess around and miss your biggest blessing!

In closing, I leave you with this. That idea you can’t get out of your head, that desire that you’re afraid to take action on, or even that secret life you haven’t dare share with anyone…they are from God. They are not random, a coincidence, or a fluke, they are directly tied to your divine purpose and He gave you the VISION because He desires you to chase it!


I’m Kandis Troutman Burney, MA. A mother, teacher, and spiritual seeker focused on purpose walking and serving others. I help to aspire, hustling, and routine entrepreneurs shift their mindsets from fear to faith, exchange confusion for clarity, so they can transform their passions into profit.

Thanks for reading my post. I try to publish new posts weekly, but I believe in leaving room for God, which means there are no guarantees. But check in often and let me know what content awakens your spirit and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d appreciate it if you would like, comment, and/or share it on your social media. A sincere THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Don’t allow your life to become what you should have done or what you wish you could have accomplished. Instead, step into the greatness that is your destiny and start creating, building, and elevating the life of your dreams.

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