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I just finished watching King Richard, the movie based on the dad who raised the GOATS of tennis Venus and Serena Williams. The entire theme, lessons, aha moments, and takeaways are centered around "you gotta have a plan." I don't know if it's a gift, a skill, or a talent, but I have always instinctively understood the concept and importance of planning. I don't like participating in things that do not have a plan. Why? I gotta know WHERE we are going and HOW we are going to get there.

We are all born with a vision. Yet, only a small percentage of people are willing to take the leap of faith into achieving it, but WHY? Oh, that's easy; most people fear the risks. However, there is one thing that minimizes the risk factor for everything you want to achieve in your life, and that is PLANNING. Planning is the best strategy for getting everything you desire, and ironically it is the most skipped step.

Greatness is our birthright. Yes, I said it is your birthright! But it's not gonna fall out the sky. You have to carve out a path for greatness. You have to give greatness some guidelines. You have to let greatness know you are ready, willing, and able to accept this massive responsibility. And the best way to do this is the sit-down and make a plan.

Because the plan is the HOW. The plan will maintain your FOCUS.

The plan will keep you efficient, productive, balanced, controlled, intentional, purposeful, powerful, and peaceful. As a free spirit, I can tell you firsthand that I'm the most FREE when I have a plan because I'm not using my mind to worry, overthink, or overcomplicate. I use the plan as a guide, map, or in modern-day terms a GPS. This frees my mind to create, innovate, and enjoy the process regardless of how hard it gets.

Greatness is not an accident. Greatness is believed, expected, and planned for. So then HOW do you start the process of planning for greatness?

1. Be Clear:

So many people are terrified of stating what they TRULY want to achieve (they don't believe they are capable or worthy) and so they never gain the clarity needed to make their goals a reality.

2. Make a List

Make a list of ALL the tasks required to reach the goal. I emphasize ALL because it is the small steps that most people skip over and cause them to miss the mark.

3. Set Deadlines:

Giving your plan a deadline lights a fire under your ass because it adds the much-needed pressure to help you produce at your highest peak.

4. Save Space:

Carve out the necessary space and energy to make your plans real. This means opening up your calendar and blocking off the time to put the plan into action.

5. Keep Going:

The number one plan killer is…is quitting! Plans don't fail, people fail to keep going when it gets hard and/or difficult.

As I said before, use your plan as a guide to the life of your desires. Don’t write the plan in stone, instead know that you will need to leave space to shift because you will always be growing. Be confident that when the time comes, you will know who, what, when, and how to shift your plan to stay in alignment and live a life with no regrets.


I’m Kandis Troutman, The Creative Architect. I'm a mother, teacher, and spiritual seeker focused on purpose walking and serving others. I help women activate their God-given power so they can transform their purpose into a prosperous business.

Thanks for reading my post. I try to publish new posts weekly, but I believe in leaving room for God, which means there are no guarantees. But check in often and let me know what content awakens your spirit and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d appreciate it if you would like, comment, and/or share it on your social media. A sincere THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Don’t allow your life to become what you should have done or what you wish you could have accomplished. Instead, step into the greatness that is your destiny and start creating, building, and elevating the life of your dreams.

Ready to ELEVATE your business, but need help structuring your services and designing your systems?


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Jan 19, 2022

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