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FREE 5 Day Challenge reveals...
How to Transform Your Purpose into Prosperity, So You Can Walk in Your Divine DESTINY!

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"Kandis is absolutely amazing! She took me from only having a vision and provided the structure, guidance, and the know-how to create and launch a business that is now thriving, growing, and serving families throughout my regions."

-Melissa Cole, BCBA

Positive Vibes ABA 

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You know you were created for a purpose, not just to exist.
You hear the whisper in your spirit telling you to do something different, seek more, be fearless.
Yet, you don't know how or where to begin

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"The people will perish for a lack of vision." The Bible is crystal clear on the importance of vision. Together we will write the vision for your life, not just your business. In order to walk you in your DESTINY, you must acknowledge your heart desires.


Next, we will outline your signature product/service. We determine the name, a brief description, pricing, access, and benefits to your client/customer. 

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Things get real because we focus on the look and vibe of your brand. We dive into colors that resonate with your spirit, types of logos that catch your eye, platform preferences, taglines, and catchphrases. This is when you begin to manifest your VISION.


How many times have you prayed for increase and abundance? Prosperity requires transitioning from "basic budget" thinking to building from a "DESTINY dollar" mindset. 


Speak it into existence! On our final day together, you will transform from a talker into a walker. You will outline your next steps, commit to a start date, and declare publically your commitment to accessing your DIVINE DESTINY!

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"Kandis gave my business an actual BRAND! New logo, new website, and strategy that we are still using as a guide for growth 2 years later!"

-Tamaine Jones, Owner & Master Trainer

AMJ Fitness Knoxville

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I consider myself a modern-day "Tinkerbell" because I transform potential into systems of excellence. 

I'M EFFICIENT: "fluff' is a turnoff, so I won't waste your time. We do the work that moves you forward.

K.I.S.S.: I live my life and build my business based on the "Keep It Simple Sweetie" strategy because overcomplicated is overrated.

I'M A MOM: I have a 10 yr old son that is my entire world!

I believe I can be spiritual and successful. I don't have to choose one or the other. I can build a business that is purposeful and prosperous.

What Makes Me...Me

I see what most people miss and create simple and efficient solutions. 


I've held leadership positions in Corporate America, National Non-profits, and even Public Education. With each position came the responsibility of 



Each time I felt like I was trying to eat an elephant without a fork or knife. Why? The processes were overcomplicated, inefficient, offered limited direction, and provided insufficient tools.

My solution: SIMPLIFY.


How? I applied the number one rule of business...KEEP IT SIMPLE SWEETIE (KISS)... and with that, I analyzed and developed the 5 SIMPLE SYSTEMS every organization must have in order to maintain and increase success. When I decided to become an entrepreneur, these 5 SIMPLE SYSTEMS were how I laid the foundation, built my brand, and elevated my services. Now I take my clients through my system, step-by-step to ensure their success.


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Working with Kandis has truly been a blessing. She is Smart, Free Spirited and Focused. She knows how to take your vision and help you see how beautiful your dream can be. She helps give simplistic order to all of the crazy of starting a business. She listens and helps guide you through the process with the end result of having a brand new baby (business) to nurture. We had a product and vision. Kandis helped us pave a path to sweet success!"

-Carl & Dianna Young

Young's Backyard BBQ

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The challenge is hosted by...ME, Kandis, The Creative Architect. 


In just 5 days you will learn how to transform your purpose into prosperity, so you can access your DIVINE DESTINY!


We begin Monday, September 28th and finish on Friday, October 3rd.


The challenge is held in a Facebook Group™

(you must request access after registration). 


Daily at 6 am (EST), you receive links to access the assignment via email and messenger BOT (make sure to subscribe). I also go live daily to answer questions and provide additional value.


Fear #1: I don't have the money to start my own business:

FACT: All you need is a product/service, a platform for selling, and a method to receive payment. 

Fear #2: I don't know my "purpose":

FACT: Your purpose dwells within your vision, which is why it's the first step of the challenge.

If you need to go deeper, I encourage to make a list of your passions, talents, skills, and gifts.

Fear #3: I don't have a business degree or understand business:
FACT: There is no degree for "entrepreneurship" because it's not a requirement. All you need is the belief in yourself, trust in your own abilities, faith to push past your comfort zone, and the commitment to building your vision.

Fear #4: I don't have the time:
FACT: Agreed. You don't have the time to waste another moment existing in your one and ONLY life. The challenge can be completed within an hour each day. You can also replay all assignments until Saturday night. 


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